Windows Development From Time To Time

Windows is one of the operating systems developed by Microsoft Inc., one of the largest computer software companies in the world. As the operating system most widely used in the world, of course, the development of Windows is very interesting to follow because from year to year, there are always developments that are applied to the satisfaction of its users.

Windows Development From Time To Time

Windows 1.0

The Windows operating system that was first created by Microsoft was Windows 1.0. This one operating system has a very simple design because it still uses a 16 bit system and uses MS-DOS. Because it was not marketed professionally, Windows 1.0, which was released on November 20, 1985, was not well known by the public.

Windows 2.0

The second operating system launched by Microsoft was Windows 2.0 which was released on December 9, 1987. During two years of development, Bill Gates managed to find the maximize and minimize features of applications that are currently open in Windows 2.0. In terms of design, Windows 2.0 is still the same as Windows 1.0 which uses a 16-bit scheme.

Windows 3.0

The 90’s was the starting point for the development of windows . On May 22, 1990, Microsoft introduced Windows 3.0 which already supports graphic features so that the computer display becomes more colorful and higher quality. The software icon was introduced in Windows 3.0. This is the first Windows session that supports SVGA and XGA.

Windows 9.5

In 95 Microsoft released its newest operating system by introducing the TCP / IP feature. This is the first operating system that supports the internet network. This Windows series also supports the plug n play feature, which means you will have more flexibility to activate or deactivate the internet network on your computer. Windows 9.5 is becoming known throughout the world and is used in various agencies.

Windows 9.8

The next Windows series is Windows 9.8 which is said to be a revision of Windows 9.5. In this one operating system, the development of windows can be felt very clearly by its users. In addition to supporting hard disk storage and internet networks, Windows 9.8 also has a quality appearance and elegant design making it comfortable to use and easy to operate.

Windows 2000

February 17, 2000, Windows kicked off the world with its new breakthrough, Windows 2000 which was arguably the best-selling operating system at that time. In fact, because there are so many users, this one operating system is made in various versions, from the professional version, the server version, the advanced version, and for home users you can use Windows ME. In terms of features and design, Windows 2000 is far from its predecessors.

Windows XP

Subsequent developments came to Windows XP which is the best-selling and longest-selling operating system of all time. Unlike other operating systems, Win XP can last up to 7 years from 2001 to 2007. You could say that the existence of Windows XP is the pinnacle of Windows development that might be difficult to repeat by Microsoft itself.

Windows Vista and Windows 7

In 2007 Windows officially released Windows Vista which is an official revision and Windows XP in terms of design. Vista is designed to be more smooth and stable so that it provides comfort to the eyes of its users. The existence of Windows Vista then inspired Microsoft to reconstruct the system and produced Windows 7 in 2009 which was one of the best-selling operating systems in that era. Win & last long enough until 2012.

Windows 8 and Windows 10

In this modern era, computer users are made comfortable with the fantastic breakthrough from Microsoft which launched Windows 8 in 2012 and was followed by Windows 10 in 2015. These two versions of Windows are the pinnacle of Windows development for now with extra complete features.