How to Shape the Ideal Body with Simple Equipment

Most people crave an athletic body and ideal. Not only men, but now not a

Most people crave an athletic body and ideal. Not only men, but now not a few women are also competing to have an ideal body. Good for health or make appearance more attractive. Not a few also spend time and even money to get an ideal body. Some people feel that going to the gym or fitness center is the solution. As if it is not enough just to go to the fitness center to train muscles, some people even spend more to get personal trainer facilities.

But did you know that actually muscle exercise or what is known as workout can be done at home, even anywhere and not only in a fitness center. With time and patience as well as using the facilities around it is enough to make your body look ideal and athletic.

Below are simple exercises and facilities you can do at home and in the neighborhood.

1. Jogging

Don’t underestimate this one sport. Some people think that jogging or running is a sport that has no effect on muscles. Even jogging is often considered a warm-up before the real exercise starts (read also: the dangers of exercising without warming up). But did you know that jogging is also a sport to shrink the thighs and calves and even the hips. To make it stronger and look ideal, you can also read about How to Form the Ideal Body only on

Facilities and Tools

  • A jogging track that is usually found in arenas or sports fields.
  • The streets around the house.
  • Comfortable running shoes.
  • Gadget for playing songs (optional).
  • Do this exercise for 30-45 minutes. This exercise can be done 1-3 times a week.

2. Skipping

For those who want to sweat faster and don’t need to take a lot of time, this super calorie-burning exercise is skipping or jumping rope. Skipping for 10 minutes can burn calories equivalent to jogging 8 minutes per mile (or 8 minutes per 1.6 km) amazing isn’t it! The muscles that are trained are almost the same as jogging, because the movements are based on the lower muscles. Plus the twisting of the rope makes the muscles and arms also train.

Facilities & tools:

  • Open space at home such as a garage or yard
  • Jump rope or rope commonly used for scouts
  • Gadget for playing songs (optional).
  • This exercise can be done for 8 – 15 minutes or do a maximum of 3 jumps repeated. This exercise can be done 3-5 times a week.

3. Push ups

This practice is familiar to many. But did you know that with pushup exercises, you can train 2 muscles at once. Chest muscles and exercises to shrink the arms, especially the shoulders which will be more formed with this exercise. No need to force yourself in doing push up exercises. For those who are not familiar with this exercise, you can start with 5 push ups, repeated 3 times. Add 1 push up every day then you will get used to this exercise.

Facilities & tools:

  • The room in the house is like a lounge or room
  • Gadget for playing songs (optional).
  • Do this exercise as much as you can. Repeat 3 times. This exercise can be done 3-5 times a week.

A few extra tips for maximum exercise:

  • Rest your body for 1-2 days not to do the exercises, because the muscles you train need time to recover. Don’t rest too long on the grounds that your body is still sick because the longer you rest the longer you will get the ideal body.
  • Increase the count of exercise every day so that you have a different target every day. For example, today do push ups 5 times tomorrow can add 1 or 3 times. It doesn’t take much and it doesn’t take to hurry. Increasing the count besides being able to provide more portions for muscle training, it also makes you not get bored quickly.
  • Adjust the Gadgets used with your training needs. Gadgets are usually used to play music so you don’t get bored in practice. Put on some fast-paced music to get more excited. Don’t ignore the notifications that appear on your gadget.

Relying on the surrounding tools and facilities plus the capital of patience and time, you already have a muscular and athletic body. good luck.