How to Remove Viruses on Android Smartphones Without Antivirus

Using Antivirus could be a solution to remove viruses. But what if the virus is embedded in the Antivirus application? So it’s a terrible dilemma, right?

You can decide whether you need to install an Antivirus application on Android or not. But, if you are curious about the presence or absence of a virus on your smartphone, you can use the way to delete a virus on Android without using Antivirus.

How to Remove Viruses on Android Without Antivirus

1. Enter Safe Mode

Android Safe Mode

Doing a factory reset is always referred to as a powerful way to get rid of viruses on your Android. But, you risk losing all the data and what’s installed on your Android. So so that your smartphone data is safe, you can try the following methods!

Entering Safe Mode will allow your Android to operate lighter because it only runs the core applications that the system carries. While in Safe Mode, all the applications you install will be temporarily lost. So, while in Safe Mode you can freely switch between application systems without problems, making it easier for you to also check or clean unnecessary files, such as cache files and remove viruses on Android.

Reboot To Safe Mode

How to enter Safe Mode for each Android device is different. However, the average is to use a Power and Volume button combination during the boot process . If you are still confused, please googling with the keyword “Safe Mode (Android type)”.

2. Check the application in Safe Mode

Android Settings Menu

While in Safe Mode, please check the installed applications. The trick is to enter Settings – Apps , then select the Downloaded tab . The system will eliminate all list of third party applications in Safe Mode, but because the virus is included in the system, it will appear as a third party application but can perform system functions. If your Android is infected with a virus, foreign applications will appear that you have never installed on your Android.

3. Remove Suspicious Foreign Applications

Uninstall Android Malicious App

If you find a suspicious application, you click on the application and select Uninstall. In one case when removing a virus on Android you may find that foreign application cannot be uninstalled, because that application has granted Administrator Access .

4. Remove Foreign Application Administrator Access

Device Administrator

When you come across a foreign application that grants Administrator access to itself, your job is to remove the access. To do this, exit Application Settings, then enter Settings – Security – Device Administrator. Remove the suspicious application administrator access. Next, go back to Application Settings and check for suspicious applications, you should be able to delete them now.

5. Exit Safe Mode

Safe Mode

After the suspicious application removal process is complete, then you just have to exit Safe Mode. You do this by doing the restart process as usual.

Easy is not the way to remove viruses on this Android? Even without Antivirus, you can get rid of viruses that slow down your Android performance. Oh yeah, don’t forget to always back up data and applications that you feel are important after the virus check and removal process just in case.