5 Types of Online Businesses Suitable for Beginners

before starting your business make sure you determine your market, interested in trying it please


before starting your business make sure you determine your market, interested in trying it please visit the official website here lead conversion squared

1. Credit Business

When talking about credit business, don’t ever assume that you have to have multiple cellphones.

In that sense, you can use any type of cellphone.

Although in this business, you will face quite tough competition.

You can start by offering it to family, friends or the immediate environment.

And as much as possible to sell various types of pulses, such as internet credit, regular credit, electricity credit, and so on.

You only need to fill enough balance, for example 100-200 thousand for the beginning of the experiment.

2. Clothing business

The clothing business is currently growing rapidly.

If you pay attention to many online shops and marketplaces that sell clothing products.

Indeed, this business is a “top seller” compared to other types of businesses.

Starting from Korean clothing trends, Muslim clothing businesses, to clothes for outfit needs on Instagram.

This business is suitable for those of you who have a female target market.

The reason is very clear, because clothes are very loved by women.

In addition, this foreign-oriented clothing trend makes women want to “join in”.

And this is a great opportunity.

3. Business Print On Demand

Both online and offline, this business is always selling well in the market.

Because of the model, the color, the material, the image, and so on.

If you intend to build this business, you can use the Dropshipping method.

What is Dropshipping? It is a business method where the supplier handles all production processes to delivery under the name of your online shop.

For example, you market a product on Instagram, after that someone orders, then the order is submitted to the supplier. And next, you just make sure everything from production to delivery goes according to plan.

So, you are only in charge of doing as much marketing and service as possible.

Many online business people are competing to provide the best service.

Therefore, be different from the others.

prioritizing quality.

Many people forget this one thing. They only compete in providing the best service but not with products or other small things.

Never think of little things as trivial matters. Usually things get big if you don’t finish them.

For example, in terms of content creation on Instagram.

To attract lots of subscribers, you can provide useful content, such as tips & tricks, tutorials, current information to entertaining content.

The term plays subtly.

Because many people prefer to see that kind of content as opposed to content that leads to continuous sales.

In order to understand a good strategy, of course you need the right guidance.

For example, you are in the print on demand business, but the person guiding you is an expert in the luxury car business, of course very different.

Because marketing on the internet is dynamic and changing – the algorithm changes, so you won’t stick with just one piece of knowledge, you have to keep upgrading all the time.

What’s more interesting, you will get lots of unexpected surprises for FREE.

If you are a strong person, you can immediately join here before the price increases in the next batch.

4. Culinary Business

This one business really excites your passion.

If you have a hobby of cooking, of course this business is perfect.

Although you need to spend capital, but here your creativity is tested. Why?

Because as much as possible you have to make a food or beverage menu with simple ingredients but the taste is unforgettable.

One more thing you need to remember is the name of your food or drink.

This is one way to increase your branding.

The more unique the name, the more famous your product.

Moreover, millennials are now more interested in a unique product name, usually they will “capture” your product name, then upload it on their Instagram, and tag it to your account.

Indirectly, they have helped improve your branding.

And again, again, this is a great opportunity.

5. Business Services

Hobby of writing? Good at design? Or good at creating online websites?

You can use this hobby for something profitable.

Maybe you’ve heard the term “paid hobby?”

If yes. Have you ever thought about it?

Doing a hobby at the same time being paid, is certainly a fun thing.

This business also doesn’t need a lot of capital, you can adjust it to your hobby.

Suppose you have a hobby of writing. You can offer writing services for blogs, articles, captions, and so on.

Or good at design, you can offer website design services, products, and so on.

So, those are some types of online businesses that you can try, without lingering anymore, it’s time for you to ACTION!